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Projects – Details

S01 - Polymersynthesis

Supervisor:Prof. Rühe
Researcher:Malwina Pajestka
Funded by:DFG

The goal of the service project is to provide materials developed within the TRR for the generation of large area optical foils. The consortium needs these materials in sufficiently large quantities with well-defined properties and within a short time range. We have pooled these goals into a service project, because the synthesis of these materials is time consuming and requires the build-up of a special know-how which would interfere with the research goals of any of the other projects within the TRR.


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The polymers and composites are produced in quantities which are sufficient for structuring and processing tests within the consortium. The materials developed within the TRR will transferred into the service project. Other materials will be synthesized as described in the literature. The service project will upscale the synthetic procedures and compounding techniques such that larger foils can be processed. A further topic of the project is the characterization of the materials and the development of quality standards within the TRR. These efforts will lead to a material database from which all research projects can chose suitable polymeric systems for all respective processing strategies.



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